Why Do We Recognize World Wildlife Day?

World Wildlife Day allows us to celebrate the priceless value that plants and animals give to our world today. This life contributes to our planet’s unique diversity, contributing scientific, economic, social, cultural, and educational benefits.

Each World Wildlife Day follows a different theme. For 2020, it was to “sustain all life on Earth.” It looked at how people earn a living while celebrating the biodiversity we enjoy and finding ways to preserve it.

What Is World Wildlife Day?

World Wildlife Day is a UN-sponsored initiative that began in 2013. It is an effort that meets the organization’s sustainability goals while celebrating the various species that make Earth such a wonderful planet.

Although we enjoy the diversity our world offers, about one out of every four species is in danger of going extinct. Human activities are often responsible for this outcome. From logging in the northern forests to clear-cutting in the Amazon, this day is meant to look at the sustainable alternatives that help people earn a meaningful income.

If we don’t have healthy food to eat or clean air to breathe, our lives will not live up to the full potential of who we can be. When we protect our planet, World Wildlife Day suggests we are also helping ourselves.

How to Get Involved with World Wildlife Day

If you like the idea of participating in World Wildlife Day, the best option is to keep sharing what you’ve learned about nature with your friends. When you talk to teens and adolescents, you’re working with tomorrow’s leaders.

When you want to improve conservation efforts, it is the children who will inherit the world that they have decided to improve. Some outreach materials can help this process go smoothly on your various platforms.

If you post online, use hashtags like #WorldWildlifeDay and #WWD2021 to help grow awareness.