What is the Best College for Journalism?

Journalists come under fire today for being providers of “fake news.” One way to avoid that issue is to attend one of the best schools that teaches this career option.

Several different choices are available in the United States if you want to pursue a journalism major. Here are the best programs to consider attending when your goal is to report on current events and breaking news.

List of the Best College Programs for Journalism

1. Northwestern University

This private school is situated about 30 minutes outside of the city of Chicago. The undergraduate enrollment is less than 10,000 students per year, helping to keep class sizes down. Instead of focusing on semesters or trimesters, the institution follows a quarter-based academic calendar.

2. Washington University

This St. Louis-based institution has a total undergraduate enrollment of about 7,500 students. The campus is somewhat small compared to other schools at only 169 acres, but it is also located in the heart of the city. You’ll get to study journalism while enjoying the culture and life of this beautiful Midwestern community.

3. University of Southern California

USC offers an incredible journalism major while keeping students in an urban setting. The central campus is right in the downtown arts and education corridor of Los Angeles, with satellite locations around SoCal to attend. Earning a degree here gives you a highly-esteemed education that can get you a job almost anywhere.

4. New York University

Attending this institution will put you in the heart of Greenwich Village in Manhattan. You received guaranteed housing for all four years of your studies, helping you to find your roots in NYC while learning the foundation of your future career. Almost 300 student organizations are available on-campus to explore.

5. University of Florida

With over 2,000 acres of classes, athletic fields, and more, this suburban campus is only two miles from downtown Gainesville. Over 50,000 students attend this school, providing you with plenty of social opportunities. Many graduates with journalism degrees find themselves working for the nation’s largest news providers in print and television.

Many other local schools provide excellent journalism programs. You can also attend a junior or community college to complete your entry-level credits for less before moving to one of these storied institutions.