Best Movies About Investigative Journalism

You can hear a lot of noise about fake news online today. We must remember that authentic investigative journalism changes the world when it uncovers stories that people need to know.

Many of the best movies about investigative journalism do an excellent job of capturing what the experience is like in real life. If you are looking for something new to watch this evening, consider streaming or renting one of these titles.

List of the Best Movies About Investigative Journalism

1. “All the President’s Men

This movie takes you through the story of how journalists broke the news of the Watergate scandal. The work would eventually take down the Nixon Administration. What is even more remarkable about this film is that it hit movie theaters only two years after the president resigned. It is about as close to current events as one can get from Hollywood.

2. “Broadcast News

Although this movie is meant to be satire, it feels a lot like reality for anyone who has ever worked on a local news broadcast. The film is loosely based on the life of Susan Zirinsky, who rose to become the president of CBS News.

3. “Network

Most people know about the “I’m mad as hell” speech, but they don’t realize it comes from one of the best journalism movies. It is a surprisingly funny film that seems to have a message that was meant for today’s polarizing coverage.

4. “Shattered Glass

This underrated film covers how Stephen Glass from the New Republic built a reputation as an up-and-coming writer. The only problem with his work is that he made up most of the content that he wrote. It is an exciting tale – investigative journalism that takes down a journalist.

5. “Live From Baghdad

HBO made this move to show the pivotal moment when CNN was in Iraq to start broadcasting footage from the 1991 Persian Gulf War. It shows the dedication that reports have to tell a story, especially when it is an event that might change the world.

6. “State of Play

Russell Crowe stars in this 2009 movie as a journalist who investigates the death of a politician’s lover. The film has a ridiculous amount of star power for something that only made about $20 million in profits. It is based on a British TV show that shares the same name.
Learning about investigative journalism is a great way to discover more about the craft of journalism. You can learn lessons from many places, including popular personalities like Jon Stewart.