GM Will Phase Out Gas Engines By 2035

General Motors (GM) set a lofty goal in early 2021. The company’s CEO announced that they would focus entirely on electric vehicles, seeking to phase out gasoline engines by 2035.

This effort is part of a larger plan to be an entirely carbon-neutral company by the year 2040.

GM had already accelerated its plans in this space in 2020, announcing the intention to create 30 new electric vehicles by 2025. This bolder plan would eliminate diesel and gasoline engines, putting it on a course to meet the expected environmental regulations from the Biden Administration through 2024.

Can This Transition Happen in 14 Years?

According to General Motors, every vehicle in its catalog will get retooled to meet the environmental emissions standards that the future is expected to bring. That includes the iconic Corvette, if GM intends to keep that name.

It’s not just the vehicles that are “going green” with GM. The company also announced that all American factories would be using renewable energy by 2030 with these updated corporate goals. They’ll switch over other global manufacturing facilities by 2035.

GM intends to pull their suppliers into the plan, ensuring that the ambitious targets are plausible to reach. Future cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans will get built using more sustainable resources.

GM Signed the 1.5 Celsius Commitment

The world’s governments have the Paris Agreement to consider when working toward a healthier environment. For the corporate world, there is the Business Ambition for the 1.5 Celsius Commitment.

The goal of this commitment is to limit global warming to under two degrees Celsius by changing their practices. Over 1,000 other organizations have already joined this agreement.

GM might be putting a stake in the ground by committing to electric vehicles, but they are still behind the curve with this technology. Several automakers, including rival Ford, have already made similar efforts in this space.