Olaf Scholz Replaces Angela Merkel After 16 Years

Following her tenure spanning 16 years, Angela Merkel will be replaced by the ninth post-war chancellor of Germany, named Olaf Scholz. In fact, the new chancellor succeeded in winning the support of as many as 395 lawmakers and his 3-part coalition will be holding 416 seats in the parliament’s lower house. 

The main objective of the new government will be to modernize the nation while combating changes in climate too. However, its first task in hand will be to take care of the most difficult period of the nation caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Scholz, who is 63 years of age, held the post of the vice-chancellor of Germany as well as the finance minister since 2018. He needed the support of a minimum of 369 lawmakers in the lower house of the parliament in order to become the chancellor. 

Meanwhile, Angela Merkel received a standing ovation from the lawmakers once the session opened. 

The aim of the newly formed government will be to take adequate measures when it comes to the expansion of the usage of renewable energy, combating the challenges of climatic changes, and bringing the exit of the nation from coal-fired power ideally from 2038 to 2030. It is likewise planning to modernize the nation such as enhancing the poorly-equipped Internet and mobile networks. It is also aiming to permit the marketing of cannabis for the purpose of recreation as well. 

Besides this, the newly appointed chancellor has given signals of continuing the foreign policy declaring that the authorities will be nurturing the trans-Atlantic coalition while standing up for a more powerful European Union as well.   

Last Soviet Soldier Who Helped at Auschwitz Dies

During the final days of World War II, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia were united against a common enemy. Although the three superpowers didn’t trust each other, they knew that Nazi Germany was a foe that needed to get stopped.

David Dushman was a Soviet soldier serving on the front lines of that conflict. He was the last surviving member involved with the liberation of Auschwitz for his country.

Dushman was driving a T-34 tank on January 27, 1945. He drove it into the massive electric fence that surrounded the death camp, flattening it to stop the atrocities once and for all.

Dushman Didn’t Realize the Magnitude of What Happened

When Dushman and his fellow soldiers came upon Auschwitz, they didn’t know the full magnitude of their discovery for some time.

During a 2015 interview with a Munich newspaper, Dushman said that he saw living skeletons coming from everywhere. They stumbled out of their barracks, too exhausted to stand from that exertion, laying among the dead.

The Soviet soldiers didn’t stop. After flattening the fences, they continued “hunting for the fascists.” Dushman says that they handed the prisoners in Auschwitz all the canned food they had to help.

Over one million people, most of them Jews, were transported to Auschwitz-Birkenau between 1940-1945. The Nazis murdered the vast majority of them.

Dushman’s service is particularly notable because he fought in Stalingrad and Kursk. He was one of only 69 soldiers in his 12,000-man division to survive, and he was wounded seriously three times.