Should You Keep a Home Security Camera on Your Property?

A family in Mississippi discovered the dangers of having a home security camera after a hacker began speaking with their daughter in her room. The man told the little girl that he was Santa Claus.

Even if the hacker thought the incident was a joke, this behavior was an intrusion into the privacy of the family. It happened only four days after installing the equipment.

Global news outlets played the sequence where the man says that he wants to be the girl’s best friend. The hacker would go on to encourage the child to destroy her room, continuing to harass her. She eventually runs away, calling for her parents.

This incident has led many to wonder if a home security camera is the correct investment to make.

How Did a Hacker Gain Access to the Camera?

The family purchased Ring products to create a security system for their home. After the video of the incident played on news channels and online, Ring investigated the event to see if a data breach occurred. 

Ring told CNN that the man did not gain access to the family’s equipment through a data breach or by compromising the company’s security profile. They believe weak account security allowed the hacker to gain access.

A home security camera provides several benefits which homeowners should not ignore in our current global geopolitical climate. This technology provides 24/7 monitoring with live streaming access to specific property areas. If an incident does occur, then you have video evidence to supply to law enforcement investigations.

If you decide to install a security system at home, then there are some best practices to follow so that you don’t experience a similar issue.

It starts with a unique username and password for your home security camera account. This identification is essential if you’re using a cloud-based system where global access is possible with a simple data connection.

Ring encourages everyone who uses their products to enable two-factor authentication on their account. Then add Shared Users instead of sharing credentials. A strong, unique password is critical to this process, and then everyone should consider changing their password at least once per quarter.

The family in Mississippi told their local affiliate that two-factor authentication hadn’t been set up on their devices.

Even as the number of stories of intrusions continues to rise, a home security camera is an investment that makes sense. Practice good security habits to ensure an incident like this doesn’t happen to you.