Farm Labor Shortages Lead to Food Giveaways

Since dealing with the pandemic isn’t enough for everyone this year, companies in the food production industry have dealt with unprecedented labor shortages. Of course, they are not the only companies struggling to find workers.

The data shows that a significant labor loss has occurred for various reasons. Farmers have increased their acreage, fewer young people are entering into the industry, and border closings have made it harder to hire workers from overseas.

It’s the fourth consecutive year of this issue, with many crops lying in the fields unharvested because no one is around to get them. That’s made American agricultural products uncompetitive in the global market and requires the United States to import more items to meet demand. 

Innovation Could Solve the Food Shortage Issue

The food production industry is turning to robotics and artificial intelligence to speed up the harvesting and delivery process. Although produce growers still rely on human hands, mechanization is helping to solve some of the problems.

That includes truck drivers and warehouse employees who process the food products. 

Pick-and-place technology can speed up the delivery process. Drones are headed out to the fields to conduct surveys, save data, and apply chemicals. 

When human labor is necessary, today’s employers are going to great lengths to offer benefits and competitive wages to ensure the work gets finished. 

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