Facebook Bans All QAnon Groups

Facebook banned about one-third of QAnon groups for promoting violence in August. In October, the social media platform took the next step by classifying the movement’s theories as dangerous.

That started the process of removing every group page and Instagram account that promoted themselves as representatives.

In response, some groups have started using coded language to avoid algorithmic detection. They often refer to themselves as Cue instead of Q, working to integrate themselves into other groups outside their initial infrastructure spectrum.

Is QAnon a Conservative Movement?

Although the QAnon is said to be run by a Trump Administration insider, the group leans toward conservatism without being an outright proponent of the Republican Party.

The theory’s core is that Trump is leading a crackdown on a pedophilia ring that includes Hollywood elitists and Democratic officials.

One of the most recent releases from QAnon suggested that Trump faked his COVID-19 diagnosis to engage in secret arrests.

Trump has praised the group as being patriots, with at least a dozen GOP candidates supporting it. 

What You Need to Know About QAnon

QAnon stared at 4chan, which was known as a place to create and spread memes. It has become a larger social media platform for people to connect through this thought thread.

It formed in 2017 with cryptic clues posted on 4chan and 8chan under the nickname Q.

Outside of the pedophilia emphasis, the rest of the story is open to interpretation. The posts are more like riddles than actual fact, with enthusiasts filling the gaps by creating their own content on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. 

The goal with many of its followers is to connect the various incidents throughout history to one deep state problem.

All conspiracies have a particular hint of truth about them. What is critical with this movement or any other is that actual facts get verified. When all that is offered is opinion or assumption, the published concerns should be taken with a grain of salt.